Brandi Miller to lead The Mason Center for Healthcare Education

December 21, 2022

The Mason Center for Healthcare Education, a non-profit education center, will be led by experienced educator and training specialist Brandi Miller, who will serve as the executive director.

The Mason Center offers certification programs for individuals who want to pursue careers in the senior care industry, including skilled nursing, assisted living and long-term care fields. Brandi previously served as the staff education director at the center’s partner, Hillcrest Healthcare, where she oversaw orientation and training programs for all new hires and assisted in the development of advanced training programs for chronic disease management and other healthcare matters for the organization.

Headshot Brandi Miller
The Mason Center For Healthcare Education Executive Director Brandi Miller

She started at Beverly Park Place as a certified nurse assistant (CNA) student in 1999. After completion of her CNA course, she transferred to the Island Home community as a CNA. She pursued and completed her nursing program in 2013 and served as a registered nurse (RN) at Island Home beginning in 2017. This projection of career development is exactly what Brandi hopes to bring to the students of The Mason Center.

“We want to bring in students who are new to healthcare and provide educational opportunities and certifications to get them started in the field,” she said. “We also welcome those already in healthcare to advance and expand their skills to be able to reach the next level in their careers. I’m happy to use my own path as an example of how education can help accelerate a career.”

Training and education are keys to many facets of healthcare: providing quality care, consistency, employee retention, workforce recruiting and more. The Mason Center strives to improve healthcare through all of those means while also working with students to ease the financial burden of education, providing real-world clinical experience and connecting students with potential employers.

“I get to pursue my passions of education and nursing as a leader of The Mason Center, and I am thrilled to welcome students and provide opportunities for learning and advancement for them,” she shared. “I urge anyone who has ever considered expanding their skills or the possibility of entering healthcare to check out The Mason Center. It’s a great time to enter a field where qualified employees are in demand.”  

Brandi earned an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) from Lincoln Memorial University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from King University.

Brandi has two sons, Hunter and Blake Sands, and two grandchildren, Cody and Oakley. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, fishing, weekend trips and spending time with family and friends.

About the Mason Center

The Mason Center for Healthcare Education is a non-profit education center that offers certification programs for individuals who want to pursue careers in the senior care industry, including skilled nursing, assisted living and long-term care fields. Sparked by the great need for certified senior care employees and named for healthcare supporters William E. and Janet Mason, The Mason Center recruits and welcomes students from various backgrounds; provides classroom training in a convenient location; offers real-world clinical experience; and helps connect students with potential employers. The Mason Center is pursuing certification and will offer financial aid for qualified students. For more information, visit